STEPI TA Seminar: Technology Assessment in the “Uncertain Age”
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2016 STEPI TA Expert Seminar


● Title: Technology Assessment in the “Uncertain Age”

● Date: 14:00–17:30, November 29, 2016

● Venue: 1431 (4F), N4 (Building of School of Humanities & Social Sciences), KAIST

● Organizer: Science and Technology Policy Institute (STEPI)



● Invitation

Science and Technology Policy Institute (STEPI) invites you to our expert seminar on technology assessment (TA) on November 29, 2016 at KAIST, Daejeon.


As the social-technological system’s complexity increases, the uncertainties of its benefits and risks also grow. In today’s society, in the so-called “uncertain age,” the importance of technology assessment, a type of research process that concerns not only the positive effect of S&T on the human, societal, and the surrounding environments, but also the negative ones so that it can support balanced science technology innovation, is gaining more attention.


STEPI now holds the Technology Assessment in the “Uncertain Age” seminar with the most experienced experts and researchers in this field. We hope the discussions in this seminar will serve as a catalyst to find a new TA frame suitable for Korean political, economic, and cultural contexts.


It would be delightful for us to have you present at the seminar to share your opinions about the directions and roles of TA, and ways to increase its impact on our society. We look forward to your confirmed presence at this seminar.



● Program

Host: Dr. Byeongwon Park (STEPI)








Opening Remarks



25 Years of Parliamentary TA in Germany:

Success Factors and Room for Improvement

Dr. Gruenwald

(TAB, Germany)

Stimulating the Debate

on Emerging Technologies:

Some Attempts by the Dutch Rathenau Instituut

Dr. van Est

(Rathenau, Netherland)

Has Foresight Been Able to Indicate Future Directions?

Dr. Urashima



Coffee Break


Methodological Issues of TA from the Perspective of the Socio-Technological System

Dr. Jiyoung Suh


 Pluralism in Technology Assessment:

The Cases of LMO and Synthetic Biology

Prof. Buhmsoon Park


 The Role of the Citizen Participation in Korean TA

Prof. Jinhee Park

(Dongkuk Univ.)





Chair: Dr. Byeongwon Park (STEPI)

- Soyoung Kim (KAIST)

- Yoonjae Kang (Donguk Univ.)

- Sunghoon Kwon

(National Assembly Research Service)

- Jyhyun Ahn (KISTEP)




For preregistration, please contact Hyunjung Park (Researcher), CSF, STEPI

Tel: +82-44-287-2245


(It is not mandatory, but it would be very helpful for us to prepare for the event.)


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